Stonehill Go Club

We meet with the Stonehill Chess Club

Sharon Go Club meets weekly at Barnes and Noble in Walpole Mondays 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Go is an Oriental game of strategy emphasizing patience, planning, respect and analysis.  Go was one of the martial arts expected to be mastered by Samurai. Today it is played by professionals all over the world for prize money, fame, and enjoyment.  In the east, skill at go is a sign of a cultured person.

Go is considered to be the deepest game of strategy in the world - even greater than Chess.  The greatest computer in the world can beat the world champion in Chess, but until 2008, a strong 9 year-old student training to be a professional Go player beats the best program in the world every year while giving the computer an enormous handicap!  It was not until 2015 with surprising combination of new Monte Carlo techniques and learning algorithms, that a program created by Google could beat a professional without a handicap.  In March 2016, Alpha-go will challenge the world champion!

Five minutes to learn, a lifetime to master, studying Go is known to improve students grades, self-esteem, and visual perception.  A well-developed handicap system makes Go enjoyable for players of different skill levels.  Go encourages fierce competition, side by side with modesty and mutual respect, in the eastern martial arts tradition. 

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