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Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Arts program in mathematics is designed to prepare students for graduate study in advanced mathematics, entry level positions in business or industry where a background in mathematics is useful, or careers in secondary education. To these ends, the department offers a wide selection of courses in both pure and applied mathematics.



B.S. in Mathematics


Freshman Year

MTH 125 Calculus I
MTH 126 Calculus II 
CS 103 Computer Science I

Sophomore Year

MTH 251 Linear Algebra
MTH 261 Multivariable Calculus
MTH 270 Discrete Mathematics
MTH 191 The Language of Mathematics


Junior and Senior Years


Three courses from
MTH 351 Abstract Algebra I
MTH 352 Abstract Algebra II
MTH 361 Real Analysis I
MTH 362  Real Analysis II

Three 300-level electives
MTH 420 Senior Capstone


PY 121 Physics I and  PY 122 Physics II



B.A. in Mathematics

The B.A. is designed specifically for future teachers and requires MTH 363 Modern Geometry. 

The curriculum for the B.A. degree in mathematics differs only slightly from the curriculum for the B.S. The capstone is fulfilled by student teaching. 

A prospective teacher may opt for the B.S. curriculum and choose Modern Geometry as an elective. The B.A. curriculum is as follows:    

Requirements for the B.A. in Mathematics

                    Freshman and Sophomore Year: Same as the B.S. curriculum

                    Junior and Senior Year

                    MTH 351 Abstract Algebra I
                    MTH 361 Real Analysis I
                    MTH 363 Modern Geometry

                    Three upper level electives
                    Capstone: Student Teaching
                    PY 121 -  122 Physics I and II


Minor  in Mathematics

MTH 125-126 Calculus I & II
MTH 251 Linear Algebra
MTH 261 Multivariable Calculus
MTH 270 Discrete Mathematics

Plus three 300-400 level mathematics courses.

Elective courses should be selected in
consultation with a member of the
Mathematics faculty. Mathematics minors should fulfill their Natural Scientific Inquiry requirement by taking MTH 191, The Language of Mathematics






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