Selection of Papers

1.  A Variation on the Min Cut Linear Arrangement Problem, Theory of Computing Systems (Formerly Math Systems Theory), 20 pp. 235-252 (1987).

2.  Routing with Critical Paths, Info. Proc. Letters, Vol. 34, pp. 13-19 (1990).

3.  Single Tree Grammars, with Sheila Greibach and Weiping Shi, Theoretical Studies in Computer Science, edited by J. Ullmann, Academic Press pp. 73-100 (1992).

4.  On the Complexity of Tree Embedding Problems, with I. H. Sudborough, Info. Proc. Letters, Vol. 44, pp. 323-328 (1992).

5.  Geography, with A. Fraenkel, Theoretical Computer Science A Vol. 110, pp. 197-214 (1993).

6.  Dissection Proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem Using an Inscribed CirclePaulo Porta version of Proofs.

7.  Mathematical Gems of Levi ben Gershon, Mathematics Teacher, 93, 8, pp. 659-663 (November 2000).

8.  The Missing Problems of Gersonides – A Critical Edition, Part I, Historia Mathematica, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp. 243-302 (August 2000).  Main paper with translation.  Hebrew text.

9.  The Missing Problems of Gersonides – A Critical Edition, Part II, Historia Mathematica, Vol. 27, No. 4, pp. 384-431 (November 2000).  Main paper with translation.  Hebrew text.

10.  The Hebrew Mathematical Tradition,  with T. Langermann, for Mathematics Across Cultures:  A History of Western Mathematics, editor Helaine Selin, Kluwer Publishing, 2000. (This online version corrects some typos in the published version).

11. The Mathematics of Levi ben Gershon, the Ralbag  Bekhol Derakhekha Daehu 10, Bar-Ilan University Press, pp. 5-21, Winter 2000.

12.  Communication Methods,  In Mathematics, ed. Barry Max Brandenberger, Jr.  New York:  Macmillan Reference USA,  2002.

13.  A Combinatorial Card Trick, with Tara S. Holm, PRIMUS, Volume XIII, Number 3, pp. 248-269, September 2003.
(Online version corrects some typos and minor errors in published version).

14.  A Post-Baccalaureate Undergraduate Level Program in Computer Science, On-Site Article, Communications of the ACM,  Volume 45, No. 7, pp. 21-24, July 2002.

15.  Mathematics and Computer Science: Exploring a Symbiotic Relationship, with Ralph Bravaco, Mathematics and Computer Education, Volume 38, No. 3,  pp. 307-317, Fall 2004.

16.  Public Key CryptographyFrom Calculus to Computers: Using the Last 200 Years of Mathematical History in the Classroom, editors Richard Jardine and Amy Shell, MAA Notes, Volume 68, November 2005.

17.  Assessing Knowledge Change in Computer Science, Journal of Computer Science Education, with Jane Nash and Ralph Bravaco, Volume 16, Number 1, March 2006.

18.  A Rabbi, Three Sums, and Three Problems, in Resources for Teaching Discrete Mathematics, ed. Brian Hopkins, MAA Notes, Volume 74, 2009.  (Final galley changes).

19. How to Read Mathematics, Hacker Monthly, Issue 5, October 2010.

20. The Mathematics of Levi ben Gershon in the Classroom, Convergence (September 2017)

21. The Five-Button Door Lock - Experiment and Discovery in Mathematics - with Tim Woodcock, (Accepted for publication 2020) - Recreational Mathematics Magazine.


1.  Java Programming - From the Ground Up, with Ralph Bravaco, McGraw Hill, 2009.

2.  Rediscovering Mathematics, MAA, March 2011.

The ACL Guidebook - A Patient's Point of View, (November 2019).

Recent Major Grants:

1.  National Science Foundation, Teacher Enhancement Program, Integrating Object-Oriented Programming into the High School Curriculum, with Ralph Bravaco, 1998-2000, $98,000.

2.  National Science Foundation, Science and Technology Studies, A Critical Edition of Levi ben Gershon’s Maaseh Hoshev, 1999-2001, $75,000.

3.  National Science Foundation, Java Workshop for Secondary School Teachers,  2003-2005,  $167,000.