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These review pages are not meant to replace the classroom discussions where complete explanations, explorations, and details are discussed.  They are meant to refresh your memory, fill in missed or incomplete or confused notes, and serve as an online textbook.  Please keep in mind and bear with me that these pages are constantly under revision, and do yet not have the polish, editing, or completeness of a textbook.  These notes are evolving and your suggestions are welcome.

Reading mathematics is not like reading other things.  If you have trouble reading the material in the links below, then first try reading How to Read Mathematics.  If you still have trouble, then read it with a friend.  Studies have shown that success in mathematics is proportional to how much it is integrated into your social life (no kidding).  If you still have trouble, ask your brother, sister, cousin, or mom or dad to help.  And of course you can always come to me!


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