Course Policies 

Attendance: Math classes are cumulative and many find them fast-paced.  I do not take attendance.  However, in my experience, students who miss more than a few classes should not expect to do well.  If you do miss a class, please don't ask me to recreate the entire lecture for you. Find a friend to help you catch up.  Then, if you have specific questions, I am happy to help in office hours.

Etiquette: Be considerate of your fellow students and me; turn to silent and put away cell-phones (and other electronics) during class.  Texting is not an appropriate in-class activity.  If you write me an email, please use standard, correct English--especially if you want me to be in a good mood when I respond.

Make-Ups: If you miss a quiz or other assignment due to an unexcused absence, you will not be able to make it up.  I may allow you to make up work for absences you approve with me in advance and for which I feel there is sufficient reason.  You are required to take all exams at the scheduled hours.  Any exceptions must be approved well in advance, and in no case will exceptions be made for two exams.  In the event that a unit exam is unavoidably missed for a reason approved well in advance, the final will count for 300 points instead of 200; no makeup exams will be given.  If you miss an exam because you sleep through it, or forget that we have an exam that day, you will receive a zero on the exam.

Academic Honesty:
I encourage you to work together, especially on homework and when studying.  However, I do expect you to turn in your own work.  Working together can help you understand something, but you should then be able to write up your solutions on your own. Cheating on a quiz or exam is a serious offense; a violation of Stonehill's Academic Integrity Policy may result in a zero on the assignment, reduction of the overall course grade, or failing the course.  Here is a copy of the relevant section of the Hill Book.  In case you are unsure, academic dishonesty includes: