Norah Esty

Associate Professor
Mathematics Department
Stonehill College
North Easton, MA 02357

Office: Duffy 272
Current Teaching

MTH 125: Calculus I
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MTH 191: Language of Math
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MTH 361: Real Analysis I
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Here are some tips for learning mathematics.

My research interests include dynamical systems and topology.  I am especially interested in the topology of hyperspaces. 


  • The hyperspaces C_n for finite ray-graphs, Applied and General Topology, 14 (2013)
  • Convergence of time scales under the Fell topology (with S. Hilger), Journal of Difference Equations and Applications, 15 (2009)
  • On the contractibility of certain hyperspaces,Topology Proceedings, 32 (2008)
  • CL(R) is simply connected, Applied and General Topology, 8 (2007)
I am also co-author (with my father, Warren Esty) of an undergraduate textbook on methods of proof, entitled:

Proof: An Introduction to Higher Mathematics

The text is appropriate for a sophomore or junior introduction to higher mathematics course.  If you are interested in a desk copy, or would like more information, please click here.