CS325: Database Management Systems

Course Summary:

The goal of this course is to explore the fundamentals of Database Management Systems including: benefits of a database management system, data modeling, entitity-relationship modeling, relational modeling, relational algebra, relational calculus, SQL (DDL and DML), database manipulation in a high level language (Java), OO to relational mapping, disk i/o, hashing, r-trees, and query performance. Students complete a large project that demonstrates proficiency in modern database technology.


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Online References

Introduction (Kifer 1)

Entity-Relationship Model (Kifer 4.1-4.4)

Relational Model (Kifer 4.5)

Relational Algebra (Kifer 5.1)

SQL (Kifer 5.2-5.3, 8)

Normalization (Kifer 6)

Disk and RAID (Tannenbaum 6, Kifer 9.1)

Indices, Hashing, B-Trees (Kifer 9.4-9.8)

Query Processing (Kifer 10)