CS314: Operating Systems

Course Summary:

The goal of this course is to explore operating systems fundamentals including: processes, threads, interprocess communication, synchronization, deadlock, scheduling, memory management, multicore/multiprocessor computing, i/o, performance and security. Lectures in class will be reinforced with programming projects using the Linux operating system..


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Linux References

C/C++ References

Introduction (Tanenbaum 1)

Linux "How To"

Processes (Tanenbaum 2.1)

Memory Management (Tanenbaum 4)

Threads (Tanenbaum 2.2)

Interprocess Communication (Tanenbaum 2.3, 2.4)

Synchronization (Tanenbaum 2.4)

Deadlock (Tanenbaum 3)

File I/O (Tanenbaum 6)


Security (Tanenbaum 9)