Jesse Suero '06

He’s Got Game

As a sixth-grader in Manhattan, Jesse Suero ’06  decided to learn the game of chess. That year, he entered his first tournament and took fourth place in the novice division of the New York state tournament. He’s been winning games ever since. While Suero doesn’t consider himself a chess champion, if you ask anyone on campus, they’ll tell you he is. “People will say, ‘You’re the one who is good at chess. We should play sometime,’” says Suero, a computer science major, mathematics minor and president of the Chess Club. This past year, the club held two exhibition matches where Suero played several games at once against all-comers for two hours. His final record was an unbelievable 30-0. A popular event on campus, the exhibitions attracted more than 300 onlookers in the Dining Commons throughout the day. According to Shai Simonson, professor of computer science and faculty advisor of the club, “There is no one at Stonehill, including myself, that can give Suero a good game. “But the best part of Jesse’s leadership,” Simonson adds, “is that he is a regular guy with a variety of other interests, and he does not remotely fit the stereotype of the introverted geek that is often unfairly associated with chess. “Jesse is the best player we have seen since the club began in 1992. He has a natural talent for the strategy of chess combined with technical expertise of careful calculation and tactics,” he continues. “Watching him play is poetry in motion.” –Kim Lawrence  

Stonehill Alumni Magazine,  Summer 2004