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  Stonehill College
   320 Washington Street
North Easton, MA 02357

Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace (1815 -1852)
The world's first programmer and possibly
the world's first computer science intern

Internships in Computer Science
Many computer science majors choose to complete  an internship during the  junior or senior year. During the semester, a student will  typically work eight to twelve hours per week at a local company such as  General Dynamics, Shields MRI, Staples, or  Intersystems.   Students not only gain "real world" experience but also receive academic credit. Students also have the opportunity to complete summer internships for academic credit.

Here are some comments from a few Stonehill computer science interns:

 "The internship and project have been a great learning experience for me. Not only did I learn how to work as a team member on a project, but I was actually one of the leaders.  ...  I am very anxious to see the release of the project because I have worked on it from the planning stage and I am very proud of it. "

 "One of the more exciting experiences I have had during my internship was  the opportunity to write code for a cable modem diagnostic application called StormWatch. [My internship] provided me with valuable experience while at the same time giving me a chance to work with new technology. "  

 " My  internship   helped me to understand what I really want to do when I graduate -- become a software engineer. .I'd like  to develop software that somehow helps people and makes a difference. "

 "This internship was very important in terms of building my confidence as a software engineer. I feel that if I could do well at KoolConnect, with all of the various tools, environments and languages I needed to learn, I can do well anywhere. I also feel like I learned a little bit about the actual business world. The biggest thing I will take from the whole experience is an increased confidence in my skills as a programmer and increased confidence in my ability to work well on my own."

                  Some Recent computer science Internships  
Lori Adams Shields MRI
Kyle Boorky The Abacus Group &
Nate Bowdich The Abacus Group
Raquel Bromberg Northrop- Grumman
Brendan Buono VelQuest
Christian Arias Cendant 
Rob Briar Heartlab Inc
Jay Cahill General Dynamics
Christian Carrier General Dynamics
Michael Cartwright Shields MRI
Justin Cataldo Dresser Instruments
Patrick Clark Intersystems
Ryan Curtis General Dynamics,
Eric Czarny RSA Corp.
Kristen Donovan General Dynamics
Daniel Ellis Shields MRI
John Ellis Shields MRI
Peter Everett InterSystems
John Ferguson Loomis, Sayles and Company, Boston
Matt Fuller Sheilds MRI &
Nexaweb Technologies
Kevin Green Cendant &
The Abacus Group
Drew Harmon IBM Corp.
Matt Hinds Special Agent Software &
General Dynamics
Matt Hodges Shields MRI
Mike Leone ViaSat
Jay Morin All Seasons Services
Kristin Kelleher Shields MRI
Andrew Krammen InterSystems
John Kriz General Dynamics
Scott Lemonde Motorola Inc.
Katie Leonard Fidelity Investments
Matt Lepore Heartlab Inc
David Mackey Shields MRI
Scott Markowski KoolConnect
Michael Mashkevich
Shields MRI
Antonio Martinez General Dynamics
Brian Maw The Abacus  Group
James McKenna Boston Private Bank  & 
General Dynamics
Michael McShane Special Agent Software
Nick Milot Shields MRI
Greg Moore Northrop-Grumman
Michael Murteira Loomis, Sayles and Company, Boston; &
Bristol County Savings Bank
Jason Neri Shields MRI
Rick Ochoa NextJump Inc.
John Owen Boston Private Bank
Jon Palmer Boston Private Bank
Justin Pelletier Motorola Inc.
Michael Raucci Northrop-Grumman
Amy Ruskowski General Dynamics
Jesse Suero Cendant, also
London Internship 
Michael Shevory
Andrew Shyne Special Agent Software
Daniel St. George The Abacus Group
Brendan Terrio
Shields MRI
Mark Tyrrell Special Agent Software
Lindsay Ucci Northrop-Grumman
Tom Wall InterSystems
David Whalen Shields MRI