Professor Simonson

How Computers Work

CSC 195


Assignment 4 -  15 points

Due midnight, Thursday, February 22

  1. Write getgradegui which puts up five boxes on the screen one for each letter A, B, C, D and F;   outputs the letter of the box on which the user clicks the mouse;  and prints some acknowledgment that it received the letter.  Substitute this procedure in place of the call to getgrade in assignment 3:  problems 3 and 4.  You should also insert "betterwait" in between each call to getgradegui.


  3. Write a Logo program which gives a quiz to a child on the symbols ">",  "<", "=".  Your program should start by explaining these symbols in any creative way you like using pictures, puzzles, numbers etc.  When the child is ready, he/she should hit any key (make "ans readchar) to begin the quiz.  The command "readchar" reads any single character and does not wait for the enter key as "read" and "readlist" do.  The quiz should be ten True/False questions. For each question, print two random numbers with space in between The kid has to choose from the symbols  >, <, and = shown in boxes below. A typical question looks something like this:                                                                                                                                
35                      42

<           =            >

After the quiz, the kidís score should be printed and he/she should be asked to play again.  You should use the mouse for input.  This can be done by having a box marked True and a box marked False, and waiting for the user to click in a box. Make sure to use plenty of appropriate procedures and comments to make your program as easy as possible to write and understand.  This is the first program where I will not specify exactly which procedures you should define.  The big picture is in your hands.