Professor Simonson

How Computers Work

CSC 195

Assignment 1 - Midnight, Thursday, February 1 - 10 points

The purpose of this first assignment is to get you used to the graphical features and editor of the Logo Interpreter, to make sure you can save and retrieve your programs from memory sticks, and to let you get a sense of the fun and creativity involved in programming

Store all the procedures in a file called asg1.lgo.  Make sure to include the names of your group members using ;comments; at the start of your file.

Write a Logo program that prints a name/design picture for your group.  Be as creative as possible with colors and styles. Try to use a number of procedures to organize and simplify the main program.  For example: if I were to do this for my name “shai”, I might have:

TO SHAI ;  shai simonson assignment 1


where each of the 6 procedures between “TO SHAI” and “END” are defined separately using TO and END, as shown with SETUPCOLORS.  You should store all the procedures for this program in one file called asg1.lgo.