We spent the 1998-99 on sabbatical at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  We lived in a small development town in the Judean desert between Jerusalem and Jericho.   Here is the monthly journal of our year in Israel. Andrea used to work part time at Audiology Services Inc.  Before that she worked as a research audiologist in the Sensory Communications Group at MIT.  In July, 2006, the lab became the Auditory Perception and Cognition Group in the Psychology Department at the University of Minnesota.   Our family spent 2006-7 living in St. Louis Park, MN so that Andrea could continue her job for one more year.  We liked the community there very much.  In 2013-14, we were in Chicago, where I worked at University of Illinois at Chicago, and did research and consulted at the Ida Crown Jewish Academy.  Chicago was our home 25 years ago.  We met there and got married there.  Living and working there again was exciting - and very Rip van Winklish.  We will always love Chicago.

Our boys are all taller than Andrea now and they are all juniors.

Zosh is 23 years old and a junior at University of Hartford majoring in Judaic Studies.  He has a wonderful disposition and finds little to ruffle his feathers. He spent part of 2013 interning at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

Yair is 20 years old and is a junior at Syracuse University where he studies computer science and civil engineering engineering.  Yair plays Ultimate frisbee and is an experienced programmer.  He interned at DRG and at Northwestern University, where he programmed and designed a crack monitoring Arduino device. 

Yona is 17 and a junior at Sharon High School Yona has a deep love for music.  He plays clarinet and piano in jazz band and orchestra.  He also plays on the SHS Ultimate frisbee team.  He made many lasting friendship in Chicago at ICJA.

We keep some of our favorite photos on Google.  Check back for updates there.


This is a photo of the three boys (L to R: Zosh, Yona, Yair) in North Dakota, 2006.

Click below for some older pictures of the gang:   Closeup of above   

Zosh and Yona            Yair w/Hoshi

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