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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 

The  computer science major is designed to prepare students for graduate study in advanced computer science as well as entry level positions in the computer industry. The  computer science department offers a selection of courses covering programming and software development, design and analysis of computer systems, computer architecture, computer theory, and computer applications. 

Click on the course number for a description.

 Year One

CSC  103 Computer Science I 
CSC  104 Computer Science II
MTH  125 Calculus I
MTH  126 Calculus II

Year Two

CSC  201 Discrete Mathematics I
CSC  202 Discrete Mathematics II
CSC  211
Data Structures
CSC  324
  Web Programming
LC     207
Mathematical Experiments in Computer  Science*


Years Three and Four


CSC  221 Computer Logic and Organization
CSC  304 Computer Architecture 
CSC  311 Algorithms and Complexity 
CSC  312 Compiler Design 
CSC  314 Operating Systems 
CSC  323 Programming Languages 
CSC  384 Theory of Computation 
CSC  400 Computer Science Capstone   (Software Engineering)

Two courses from
CSC  325 Database Management Systems 
CSC  382 Artificial Intelligence 
CSC  390 Data Networking 
CSC  393 Numerical Analysis 
CSC  399 Topics in Computer Science
                e.g. Mobile Computing, Cyber Security
CSC 321 Data Visualization
CSC 322  Machine Learning
MTH 371 Combinatorics and Graph Theory 

Other Requirements

PHY 121 - 122 Physics I and II
MTH 225 Statistics For Science * 

* A General Education Requirement