CS400: Computer Science Capstone

Course Summary:

In this course you will learn about software engineering. You will: understand the sad state of modern software development, examine software development projects from the past, learn about software development processes, derive and specify software requirements, design a software system, implement a sofware system using the design, verify the software system using the requirements, and document the software system for users. Other course topics include: human computer interaction, ethics, and software performance engineering.



The Mythical Man Month, Fredrick Brooks, Addison-Wesley, ISBN: 0201835959


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Sometimes things happen. If there are circumstances that prevent you from meeting your obligations for this course, you need to talk to me to make arrangements IN ADVANCE.

The Lab - Stanger 308:

Technically, you don't need to use the lab because you can install most of the software on your own computer. However, working up in the lab on these programming assignments is a great way to meet other people in the course, ask me questions if I'm around.. The lab is open from 8AM to 12AM during the week. During some of that time the lab is used as a classroom. You can find the schedule here.

Instructor :

Instructor: Bob Dugan
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